Saturday, March 9, 2013

Making the Most of a Music Festival

We ran across this article written by the guys over at and felt it was worth sharing with you all because it has alot of good points.  Enjoy and make sure to check out

A community of music lovers, all escaping to a picturesque spot to immerse themselves in a concert that lasts for days...there is just something magical about a music festival. Whatever your genre, from jazz to rock to alternative to bluegrass, there is a festival out there for you. If you're booked for an upcoming festival, follow these tips to make the most of what can be an amazing experience.

Get Inspired

Take a look at the line-up and identify the shows you don't want to miss. Catch the big names that you're already a fan of, but also check out some of the artists you've never heard of. Hearing your fellow musicians do what they love is a great way to break out of a rut and find new inspiration for your writing, composing, and/or performing.

Meet Your Fans

One of the beautiful things about a festival is the opportunity for fans and musicians to spend time together. Don't stick to the performer and VIP areas, get out and enjoy some time hanging out with the people that love your music. Drop in on a jam session (or start your own), chill at a campsite, hand out some promo CDs and flyers to attract new fans, or make plans to grab dinner with a few people who frequent your shows. You might just end up rubbing elbows with one of your heroes who are there playing the main stage.

Network With Industry Pros

Take the time to talk to the festival organizers, talent buyers, other performers, and other professionals working the festival. You never know when a new friendship will turn into the next gig or big meeting.

Try Something New

Though the music is certainly the main attraction, most festivals have a lot of other things to offer as well. It's a great chance to expand your horizons and seek out a new experience. Some festivals have workshops where you can try anything from yoga to hip hop dance to poetry to painting. Check out art installations or artists' and crafters' booths in the vendor area. Experiment with new types of cuisine as you're likely to find an eclectic assortment of food vendors.

Stay Hydrated, Rested, and Fed

No, your mom didn't tell us to say that. But not drinking enough water, not getting any sleep, and forgetting to eat (all easy to do when surrounded by the constant activity of a festival) won't lead to playing your best, which is of course your primary reason for being there.