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What Not To Do When Marketing Your Band!

What NOT to do when Marketing your Band

Summary: 6 don’ts when marketing your band 

There are many “don’ts” that people are unaware of when marketing to certain audiences. This blog focuses on marketing don’ts for musicians trying to promote their band throughout communities. Some individuals over promote, while others do not advertise enough. Be sure to follow these six steps, because if you don’t you may send current and potential fans away from supporting your music.

1.             Do not use social media to force sales
Social media networks are intended to connect and build relationships with individuals through    possible common interests, etc. These platforms should not be created to force sales on your friends and fans. Make attempts to connect with your fans instead of promoting services and products. Also, do not use Facebook or Twitter as a sales tool; for example, when selling a new T-shirt or album. You should be offering free T-shirts and albums every here and there to show appreciation for your fans.

2.            Do not “spam” your friends

First and foremost, everybody hates spam mail. Sending out a mass e-mail occasionally is okay, but constantly sending out blast e-mails to your fans can get very aggravating. You want to your fans to be excited when receiving an e-mail from your band so make sure they are personal, and interesting. Another way individuals can spam is through Facebook events. As an artist, be sure to only promote the events that you will be performing at. The more events you send out to your fans that do not include you, the more likely they will start ignoring your invitations. This could lead an individual to un-like or un-follow your page and you do not want this to happen. People become your friend on social networks to follow you, not to follow other bands and artists that they are not interested in.

3.             Do not create lengthy advertisements 

It is very important to keep ads simple; lengthy and drawn out advertisements usually are not attention-grabbing to readers. Please, veer far away from creating ads that contain paragraphs and are full of long sentences. Avoid using special words that may confuse readers who are viewing the advertisement. Typically, lengthy and unappealing ads will not attract individuals to continue reading and will draw readers away. Advertisements should always be concise, to the point and attractive when creating promotions for your band. Choose a color and font that your audience will enjoy and can easily read. Whether you are creating an advertisement for an        upcoming show, or a new song release, adding images to an ad can really bring it to life and catch potential listener’s interest.

4.             Don’t be like everybody else  

Bottom line: nobody likes a copycat. There is high competition in the music industry; therefore    musicians should be different and unique. What if there was only one song in the world that    everyone had to listen to, wouldn’t life get boring quickly? When starting a band, you should aim   to be unforgettable and special. Don’t copy an image from another artist, and certainly do not imitate a song from another musician. By being different and developing your own sound, more individuals will become interested and intrigued with your music. The same goes with your “look,” create an eye-catching look so your audience can buzz about you. “Hey, did you see _____’s outfit at the concert? It was awesome!” Lastly, make sure that all advertisements aren’t comparable to other musicians. The last thing you want is someone to mix up your ad with another band due the fact that they were similar in color and phrase.

5.             Do not ignore your fans 

Responding and paying attention to your fans is extremely vital. Do not, I repeat, do not ignore   your fans! Not only can you lose their trust and loyalty, but fans can utilize word-of-mouth     marketing by putting a bad word about your band out in the public. If you have Facebook,Twitter, or a Myspace page etc., be sure to respond to all posts and comments. Just think about it: you don’t have an image without fans, and you don’t have fans without creating connections with individuals. Fans are very valuable aspects in the music world and you need to maintain strong relationships with them. By consistently responding to e-mails or social media alerts, this can help build your trust with each fan which is priceless.

6.             Don’t forget to produce a marketing plan 

Creating a marketing plan tends to be the most overlooked tactic when marketing a band. Many musicians may be focused on producing high quality music instead of generating marketing methods. Marketing plans are important because they set overall goals and help focus on how to achieve specific objectives within a band. One day, sit down with your band and construct a plan covering ideas like: How can we attract and gain more fans? What is our budget? What are some ways to expand our opportunities in the music industry? How can we inspire the public to purchase our music? A marketing plan entails what hopes you have and how to get there, and is something you should absolutely spend time on.

By: Danielle Peterson

Danielle is a Marketing Specialist for Distrophonix LLC. Distrophonix is a company based in Baltimore, MD specializing in music marketing, distribution, Rock Band Encoding, CD pressing, and mastering for musicians worldwide.

How Do I Get My Music On iTunes?

How do I get my music on iTunes?

It may seem like an obvious statement, but none the less it needs to be said.  “Your music has to be available for sale online.”  Yeah, your fans in your city can buy the CD at your shows.  But that counts for only a small percentage of your potential fan base.  The easiest and cheapest way to release your music globally is through digital distribution.  iTunes has become one of the most popular places where fans buy music ; so you NEED to get your music in there.

I hope that this short article helps you navigate the not so complex world of getting your music on iTunes.

How Do I get my music on iTunes?

There are many of services around that specialize in distributing artists’ music.  Distrophonix is one of those services.   While many distributors charge you a fee to put your music into stores, Distrophonix does not.  It is free to sign up and you get to keep 100% of your rights. They will release your music globally to over 400+ stores including iTunes.  Distrophonix will handle all of the set up and management of your release; as well as tracking your sales and processing your royalties.  That’s right!  You can actually make money selling your music and it doesn’t cost you a dime to sign up through Distrophonix! 

Is iTunes enough?

iTunes is by far the biggest digital music retailer in the world.  They have stores in almost every developed country.  However, not everyone uses iTunes.  Amazon, Spotify, Rhapsody, Napster, and eMusic are other popular mp3 websites.  Don’t miss the chance to sell your music to fans that use the other services.  There are over 400 mp3 stores around, and every single one of them is important. Distrophonix will get your music into practically every mp3 store worldwide. 

Do I need to have some sort of cover art to get into iTunes and the other stores?

Yes, the stores are very strict about this.  Your artwork has to be 1400 by 1400 at 300 dpi.  The artwork also has to include your artist and album name.  If you need help designing a good iTunes album cover, check out Distrophonix’s graphic design services.

Do I need to have my music mastered before putting it in iTunes?

No you do not.  However, it is highly recommended that you do.  Having your music mastered will help you to have a much more professional sound and it will give a  better listening experience for your fans.  To learn more about mastering check out:

Where do I go to sign up to get my music into iTunes and the 400+ other stores?

Distrophonix makes it easy for you to distribute your music.  Simply go to their website,, click on the “sign up today’ button and the site will walk you through the process.

How do I get people to buy my music on iTunes and the other stores?

Ok… So now your music is posted in over 400 mp3 stores globally…….Now What?   It is time to get to work marketing your music.  Just putting your music into stores without getting the word out will not result in many, if any sales.  Use social networks to spread the news that your music is available.  Encourage people to tell their friends.  Tell everyone at shows that your music is available on iTunes.  Put your street team to work getting the word out.   In short, tell everyone you know, and their mother that your music is available online.

I hope this article helps answer your questions about getting into iTunes and other online mp3 stores.  If you want to learn more about getting your music to the masses check out

Written By: Kevin Schmidt

Kevin is one of the owners of Distrophonix LLC. Distrophonix is a company based in Baltimore, MD specializing in music marketing, distribution, Rock Band Encoding, CD pressing, and mastering for musicians worldwide.

Distrophonix Mastering Reviews!

Distrophonix Mastering Reviews!
Distrophonix has become well known for its world class, inexpensive, but high quality mastering.  If you are thinking about working with Distrophonix for your next mastering project, check out some of these mastering reviews from past clients. 

Just a few of the many positive mastering reviews Distrophonix has received:
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-Prince Early – Chi- Town

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In a word…. wow! Utterly amazing mastering! I have an ear for audio
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By Any Means

“Having worked with Distrophonix for over 3 years now, I can honestly say that they are the type of company an independent artist needs to align themselves with. Through our relationship with Distrophonix, we’ve been afforded opportunities we’d never known existed had we went at it on our own, including national advertising and licensing endeavors. Distrophonix’s timeliness, creativity and truly artist-minded staff make them one of the top digital distribution options available today.”
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